Interactive Computer Laboratories for College Algebra
Created: 11/04/2000 ASP
Updated: 11/05/2000 ASP


West Virginia is piloting the WVEB Algebra course in several sites throughout the State in the fall of 2000. Students in the course will receive both high school and university mathematics credit. Interactive computer laboratories make up a significant component of the course. The laboratories are being rewritten in html and make use of Java applets. This will enable delivery of the laboratories to a variety of platforms over the web and from CD's through a standard web browser. Currently the laboratories are written in MathWright, which requires a runtime interpreter. In order to rewrite the laboratories and develop new laboratories in html, a versatile graphing Java applet is necessary. In 1999, a prototype was developed that graphed a fifth order polynomial. The graphing engine proved to be stable and flexible. The new feature of the applet is an equation parser. The parser allows up to three equations to be entered directly and graphed. Additionally, points can be plotted on the graphing screen and tables can be generated from the equations.

Java Graphing Applet with Equation Parser Overview

Java Graphing Applet with Equation Parser